The calendar

Looking at my calendar while thinking ahead a wee bit: Next week- yes, NEXT week- I register Katie for kindergarten. I might need an anti-depressant to keep it together that day. I just can’t believe it. Really. And a mere six months away, Zuzu turns three. This will be no regular birthday. At three, our … Continue reading

About my cross-post in Flyover Feminism

Jessica, Thank you for taking time to respond. First, please note that it’s not just your writing that I often find extremely frustrating, exclusive, and offensive. I also refer to many of your “feminist” colleagues, a number of whom I referenced in this piece and here as well. Yes, you have written about these topics. … Continue reading

One step forward, one step back

The past few days, I thought I noticed a regression in Zuzu’s strength and use of her weak right side. She’s clutching her right arm again and, again, her gait has a more pronounced limp to it. Our OT confirmed she’s noticed it, too. The crazy thing is, we’ve simultaneously seen her language skills and … Continue reading

Pro tip: My child does not oppress me. Patriarchy does.

I am STILL fuming on the anti-mother, anti-child vibe emanating from a number of (childless) mainstream, highly visible “feminists.” For instance, last night after Michelle Obama referred to herself as “Mom-in-Chief” in a stunning address to the Democratic National Convention, writer Amanda Marcotte tweeted this in response (see my heated response below): Makes me sick … Continue reading

Not worthy? A breastfeeding brouhaha

As a new parent, you can be bombarded with information about infant-feeding. Once the marketers get a whiff that a soon-to-be new parent had their first trip to the OB/GYN, the coupons, samples, and pamphlets start arriving in your mailbox. When you read the information closely, there is no consensus. There is no fail-proof trouble-shooting … Continue reading

Summer doldrums

It’s hot out- who needs clothes when you’re two? We’ve gotten Katie to help build her play set/birthday gift by telling her it’s a barn…Zuzu gets her first taste of grape soda and vanilla ice cream.