Ear infections, urgent care, and one unhappy baby: Santa Fe Day 2

We should have seen it coming Monday morning when she woke up and her eye was slightly goopy. Not to mention, she’s been night-waking since Saturday night. But it took a temp of 101.9 last night and a lethargic Katie this morning before I called off the “keep an eye on it” and took Katie to an urgent care clinic here in Santa Fe.

At worst, she was grumpy this morning, but when she crawled onto the bed at the hotel with me this afternoon and promptly fell asleep, it was clear she did not feel good. When I woke up an hour later and checked her temperature again, it had skyrocketed. Katie is truly an angel in the best of health and when she is sick, so when she just snoozed on the bed for another hour and a half, we knew she wasn’t feeling good.

So we’ve spent all day pretty much eating, at the urgent care clinic, getting her antibiotic prescription filled (augmentan this time), and thankfully, the doctor gave us a sample of the eye drops. That little bottle of Vigamox came with some serious sticker shock two weeks ago, but worked like a charm (unlike the amoxicillin, obviously). I was still glad to be spared the cost of the Vigamox when the co-pay for the urgent care visit was rather high. We got some yogurt today in preparation for the possible diarrhea that comes with this antibiotic.

We’ve spent the afternoon here in the hotel, with Mom running errands and fetching the provisions. My shirts are rather boogery and Katie’s bedding has eye goo smears- all of which is infectious right now- so we did a load of laundry. Wearing one of my shirts from school, I ran into an Iowa History PhD while walking to the other side of the hotel to put the clothes in the washer.

Because Katie’s been on the same dose of tylenol her whole life and her fever was so high this afternoon, I started looking up dosages and found out that I can increase the amount of medicine a bit. I think this did the trick…for a little while, anyways. About an hour and a half later, she was asking to go outside with monkey, her weebwie, and stroller and so we all walked together over to change out the laundry.

She seemed great. It was clear she felt much better, although her eyes were still red and her nose dripping. She was pushing monkey around, talking to him and “describing” everything she saw at a fountain. We collected pine cones and dandelions and stowed them behind monkey in the stroller so we didn’t lose them.

Then, while Mom ran to get dinner down the street, she crashed. Katie and I sat outside so she could play, and by the time Mom got back, Katie was quiet and still in my lap and after I turned her around, she fell back asleep on my chest in the chair.

She’s due for another round of tylenol in a few moments and still out for the count on the bed. Here’s hoping she feels better in the morning- her eye has already cleared up after two doses of Vigamox. I guess we’ll see.

On a positive note: every meal has been delicious. I can see why they put red or green chile on every meal here. It’s SO GOOD!


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