Week 16 OB check

Everything’s perfect. Dr. Webster got a heartbeat immediately and thankfully, all the aches and pains I never had with Katie are to be expected with a second pregnancy. That, and increased Braxton-Hicks. Fun!

I still haven’t gained any more weight- which means nothing to me since I’m still drawing on 25 residual pounds from Katie. I don’t expect it to stay this way.

I declined the quad test screening which looks for neural tube defects. The false positive rates are too high, and it wouldn’t change a thing if something were “wrong” with the baby. Besides, it just leads to more tests…like sonograms, which we have scheduled anyways on June 16.

That means three more weeks and we’ll know if it’s a girl or boy. It might just be the longest three weeks of my life!

On another note, I really am freaking out about my dissertation. I need some advice from my advisor, I told her my idea for altering my methods (which she panned on the first reading), I clarified what I meant by altering my methods, but I just really wanted to stress to her that there are some things I cannot get done before September…like gain the trust of immigrants and get them to talk to me. I hope my freaking-out level is partly due to my raging hormones.


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