Just a word

Lots of things to possibly write about, but here’s one pet peeve:

I’ve calmed down considerably on the early over-gendering of infant girls…but I absolutely HATE it when people say they’re finding out the “gender” of a baby at the sonogram- or in this case, ask me when we find out the gender of the new baby.

You find out the sex, not the gender. The difference: sex is the biological characteristic; you acquire your gender through enculturation. Considering a child has not been enculturated in utero, it can’t have a gender yet. But, obviously, we can discern labia or a penis (if said kiddo obliges and poses accordingly). And, this dichotomy between sex/gender is even up for debate given the biological variation in the manifestation of human reproductive organs and genitalia. Regardless, these two terms are not interchangeable in any way. Ever.

There. Got that off my chest. Phew. And even though I’ve retreated (seriously, seriously retreated) in my pre-Katie crusade against the proliferation of pink things for infant girls, THIS. STILL. DRIVES. ME. NUTS.


One thought on “Just a word

  1. This also drives me nuts. I refused to buy my niece anything at Disney that was pink, princess-y or said anything like “cute and sweet”. I know I buy into it even when I try not to because, hey, it’s my culture, but I try very hard not to.

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