The Katie rises

We’ve called Katie “the Katie” whenever she does those little peculiar, sassy things that only Katie can do. Lately, my friend Steph and I have been talking about our kids’ personalities and I’ve warned her that Katie will boss the other kids around when they play together over the  years.

Already, Eric and I see this: she’ll say to us, ” ‘Mere guys. Lay down,” when she wants to us play with her a certain way in the evenings. In Santa Fe, I asked Katie if she wanted to go walking outside around the hotel with Mom, intending for only she and Mom to go together. Katie would have none of it; she stood in the door way with her stroller and monkey, looked back inside the hotel room at me and said, ” ‘Mere, Mommy.” This comes complete with the beckoning hand gesture. And at home, her stuffed animals aren’t spared from her assertiveness, either: she’ll be putting her bears or Monkey down to nap with weebwie (her favorite blanket), point her finger at them and say, “Lay down,” or, “Head down.” I’m sure she gets this from day care, and frankly, the tone of her voice makes me question (one more thing) about her school.

Apparently, however, her bossiness, or, to put it more nicely, her “leadership skills” are spilling over to her classroom at school. They have something called circle time- to be honest, I don’t know exactly what this is. I suspected it was when they held the kids captive in these tables with bucket seats the kids can’t get out of on their own. Every time Eric and I are at the school, Katie’s class seems to be in these things. But, I think it’s actually when the kids are sitting on the floor with their teachers in a semi-circle or something, probably to read a book. I guess- our daily sheets are not very thorough from the school (yet another reason we’ve found another day care for her, starting next month).

We already knew Katie was one of the first kids over when the teachers read the class a book. But, according to her teacher, Katie has lately been commanding the other children to “Sit down” for circle time.

Ya gotta love it. I guess she also takes her socks off at nap time, puts them on her hands, and quietly plays patty-cake or some other game with a little girl next to her, too. That’s my girl 🙂


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