The job market

“New” job postings are listed around this time of year, and I’m in a better position to apply and get hired than last year since I will (and I mean this) defend my dissertation in the spring. What I’ve noticed, though, is a number of small schools are just now posting positions to start this fall- which I can’t apply for because I’m still ABD and because of the terms of my fellowship.

Even more annoying, however, is the number of temporary and adjunct positions asking for PhDs and the tenure-track spots with starting salaries in the high $40,000s. This is insulting- I could honestly go back to my idea of teaching high school journalism and make just as much and eventually more than I could as a college professor. I have friends who make more than this as middle-school teachers. I don’t think we spend 12+ years in school to get paid shit like this- no teacher does. But I’m sorry- if I’ve taken the time to get this level of an education, it’s insulting to pay us this little.

I wonder if all those people complaining about the rising cost of college educations know that their money is going increasingly toward temporary but highly qualified instructors? Because those increasing costs are not going to faculty pay, the folks that actually get the most face time with students, that’s for sure- at least not in the humanities and social sciences. I guess I should have been a staff researcher in chemistry or something.


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