About Jon & Kate

I grew up in a household with deeply unhappy parents. Their divorce was the best thing that happened. Somehow, I walked away with the self-awareness and reflexivity to know that I dated guys like my dad and that when I found Eric, I recognized he was 100 percent NOT my father.

Staying in marriage for the kids is an awful mistake. It teaches children by example what relationships are like. I feel for those 8 kids, but they’ll be worse off with two fighting, bitter, angry parents than they will bouncing between the two. And seriously, the girls in that family deserve to have someone who loves them better than that emotionally unavailable man. Jon also sets a horrible standard for his boys on the way to treat women and their mother. Finally- I’d be yelling all the time with 8 kids and a husband like Jon. Kate busts her ass for that family. I yell a lot anyways, and Eric and Katie are a dream.

Anyways. Just sayin’.


One thought on “About Jon & Kate

  1. I completely agree. Jon came off as a complete douche with the earrings and the “I’m only 32 and I’m excited about the next chapter in my blah, blah, blah….”

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