Traumatic end to a good day

Diaper rash looms its ugly head again: Katie was screaming throughout her bath today, which is highly unusual. When she and Eric got done, he told me it was her diaper rash. She has two really bad spots that didn’t go away over the course of the day and came on yesterday after a number of surprise poops with no smell. Anyways, she was so upset while we were getting her dried off, she coughed, choked, and threw everything from dinner up all over the place.

My stomach can’t handle the smell on the best of days and certainly not now. She was reaching for Mommy when it happened so I was collateral damage…she and I were both stripped down, she got hosed off again with the shower head and was absolutely miserable and screaming the whole time. Needless to say, it was way past bed time anyways and there was no way she could have gone to bed without snuggle time, so she and I snuggled on the couch and I tried to ignore the faint lingering sour smell from her wet hair.

I got a smile when she asked for milk and I asked Eric to get her tea instead to settle her stomach. She got excited for the tea (which was watered down) and of course, singing the ABC’s and Itsy-bitsy Spider cheered her up earlier. Much like parent-talk of the consistency and color of baby diapers, I think only other parents can understand just how sweet it is when days end like this and not get sidetracked by the vomit: when your child is vomiting up but screaming for Mommy, and sweet little lullabies and snuggles remedy anything, despite the stomach-turning smell of vomit and soured milk. I would literally turn myself inside-out if it would calm her down- although I had to draw the line when she was reaching for Mommy while covered in puke and had I hugged her, poor Eric would have had a bigger mess to clean up. Props to my sweet husband, and I just have to repeat how much I love my sweet, sweet baby.

Good night.


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