Updates: Katie-isms, car crash craziness, and other shenanigans

There’s so much to write and I’m really tired…so here goes:

Car accident

We thought things were plodding along at a decent pace with the insurance companies. Monday, we got calls from both places, ours and theirs, but of course, we’re not making a claim on our insurance because that girl ran a red light and hit me. Anyways, we haven’t rented a car because for now, we’re using my friend Steph’s car while she’s out of town.

Nothing’s settled, though, on the liability aspect of it, but Eric and I have been fairly consumed with this thing. Neither of us have been getting any work done while we take care of all the bits and pieces of the wreck. On my part, I didn’t get anything done because I ‘ve started to get a barrage of phone calls from- long story short- people trying to hook me up with a chiropractor or a lawyer or to assess the damage to the vehicle. One lady was outright shady about it and basically, they got my number off the police report that we hadn’t seen yet. Talk about ambulance chasing. These people are not representing themselves truthfully- some are saying they are affiliated with the insurance companies that we’re working with- and we only found out how potentially fraudulent they are when Eric called the other driver’s insurance, who said they haven’t even begun investigating the personal injury aspect of the accident. On that note…

RIP Jeep Wrangler

It’s been totaled. It’s a loss, and someone will pay us to get a new car. That someone will be the other driver’s insurance company. And yes, they are claiming she had a green light. But guess what? We have the police report, and it says that she disregarded the traffic signal. AND they talked to our witness who verified my side of the story, so….PAY UP, BITCHES!


Yes, I have a hard time crossing intersections, whether I’m driving or not, and not panicking a little. It got worse today when I started getting so many phone calls about the accident. I’ve also had a number of extremely upsetting day dreams of getting in another wreck with both girls and more horrible things happening. I tell ya, it does not pay to have an overactive imagination.


I didn’t have any shock absorbers in my neck for a few days. I couldn’t hold my head up well while we turned left in the car. I’ve still got the lovely bruises on my arm, shoulder, elbow, and a little on my rear end. My head is tender to the touch (literally, not figuratively, people!), but I think the worst pain is my right side. It was bad with the pregnancy and I think it’s just been exacerbated with the wreck. It woke me up the other night.

Happy stuff!

Some Katie-isms:

I let her watch me go to the bathroom so she knows what’s going on. Hopefully this will facilitate potty training.  The other day, I flushed the toilet and she says, “Bye-bye, pee pee.”

She absolutely LOVED riding in the Jeep. It makes us sad she loved it so much. We’d be leaving the apartment, and she’d ask, “Jeep? Jeep?” and get really upset if we didn’t take the Jeep. Hopefully it’s fading now.

No joke- she’s counting, at least numbers 3 through 8. In order and everything. And she’ll say the ABC’s, but D through F turn into “def,” like “deaf,” and she’ll sing little snippets of the rest of the alphabet. It’s crazy.

Finally, last Friday was her last day at the old day care. No tears there. She went to the new school for a few hours yesterday and Monday before going all day today. I already feel so much better about the place: the teachers all smile, the director has kids in hand all day and works and plays directly with the children, there’s no diaper pail odor permeating the place, Katie smells clean and not sweaty and dirty when she gets home, and Katie did not cry at all after the first time I dropped her off. She actually smiled when she saw her teacher today, who reached out and said, “Come here, Baby!” with a big, big smile. The kids all smile and play, and walk around- they’re not held captive in some stupid bucket seats all day. It’s such a huge relief. If only they had some green outdoor areas instead of all concrete- but I’ll take it. Katie seems much happier, and if she starts resisting leaving when we pick her up like she did in Iowa because she wants to keep playing, we know we have a winner.


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