Thoughts on parenting, Edition #…?

It’s been almost ten days since the car wreck, and I’m starting to get really anxious. We never got a rental car because we had Steph’s car all week and we’ve been waiting for the other driver’s insurance to step up and pay for it all. That hasn’t happened yet and this is what’s making me really anxious.

It’s not that I’m doubting whether or not the other driver is at fault. This I know beyond a shadow of doubt. I have the police report and a witness to back me up. But I’m starting to stress out about this because we have to have a car- like, we need one now- and I have a really important meeting in Oklahoma Tuesday morning. Not having a car or some form of transportation when it’s not our fault in the first place could really screw things up and I just don’t have the time to waste waiting on the other driver’s insurance to get their act together. For Pete’s sake, scammers were blowing up my phone Wednesday and had the police report before Amica did!

It seems that the biggest thing holding this whole process up is that Amica has yet to talk to the actual driver in the accident. They’ve only talked to her parents, who are maintaining that she had a green light (WHATEVER! they weren’t even there!). The driver, a 20 year-old, has some internship this summer and can’t talk to the insurance company to give them her statement.

So, let me get this straight: Amica, her insurance company, knew pretty quick on Saturday about the claim. But it’s been TEN days, and the chick has no time- not even her lunch hour- to call and talk to her insurance agent. Her parents, on the other hand, who I imagine have much more important occupations than their daughter, have had time to give their statement, which is immaterial because they weren’t even at the accident.

I’m curious what lesson they’re teaching their daughter. All I can say is, I understand the need to protect your child- the first thing that crossed my mind after the Jeep hit the curb and stopped spinning that morning was Katie and if she were okay. But she’s 23 months-old. She didn’t run a red light potentially while talking on her cel phone. Her statement to the police was that I came out of nowhere. Apparently, the other two lanes of traffic to her right that were stopped at the stop light came out of nowhere, too, but she still barreled past them into the intersection.

Honestly, it just makes me think of the college students the past four years who had no sense of responsibility or accountability. And now, we know why. They’ve never been made to be accountable for their actions. This girl is getting away with something that could have killed me, my daughter, and my unborn child, and I just want to remember this in 14 years when my kids are pulling shit and I’m tempted to circle the wagons rather than let my children learn to do the right thing.

Someone, please remind me I wrote this, okay? I tend to get all Mama Bear at times.


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