Week 23/ Month 6 update

My OB appointment was this morning. Granted, it’s been a little stressful lately due mostly to the car/wreck situation but my research is really starting to pick up some steam, I love the direction it’s going and who I’m going to be working with, and I even get to have lunch with an old, dear friend (Scott Inman) as a part of the research to top it all off. Zuzu’s quite active and although I’ve been a little more lethargic than usual the past few days, it seems everything is going well.

Then, this morning, the nurse takes my blood pressure. I am all too attuned to the gestures and body language of the people at doctor’s offices. She takes my blood pressure and says, “Oh…we’ll have her take that again.” It was 161/61 and hadn’t gone down that much a little bit later when the doctor took it.

It could be a lot of things; it could have been climbing the stairs, worrying whether I was thirty minutes early or 5 minutes late for my appointment because I couldn’t remember the time of my appointment all morning and had been stressing about it since I woke up…but she ordered bloodwork and I come back in two weeks instead of four. Grrr.

The result: now I’m stressing about high blood pressure, which has been my biggest worry this whole time. It spiked at the very, very end with Katie and it could totally derail my dissertation if it happens again, too early. I might be singing a different tune in ten weeks, but for now, I need this kid to stay put and my blood pressure to stay down. And, I need a certain person to stay out of my life because he only made things worse the first time my blood pressure skyrocketed with Katie and I don’t expect him to be any more considerate this time and cut the drama (knowing he found my blog and now knows what goes on in my life).

I need to take a belly shot. It’s getting big. I was a little disappointed today when the pair of trousers I bought in a larger size to look nice while interviewing people for my dissertation were more snug than expected. I thought there’d be room to grow…I guess not. The upshot? Katie’s birthday is next week and I’m so looking forward to it.


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