New Rules: Taking a page from Bill Maher’s book

New rule: You can’t use a horror story from your private insurance company to illustrate the “problems” with a public option. Literally, you are comparing apples to oranges and defeating your own argument and I’ve heard it a little too often lately.

On another note, I’ve got a bad rap for being blunt because honestly, there are some things I can’t say to people. The way some people tell it, I say everything on my mind. Not true. The world would be in flames if I said every little thing that crosses my mind. Unlike my father, I have maybe too much self-awareness and worry about other people’s feelings and as a result, think constantly before I say anything. Now, my tone of voice is another matter altogether and may betray what I’m really thinking at the moment…

Having said that, sometimes it’s just time to let go. We know a few people who I find so objectionable that it befuddles a few other friends that I even socialize with them. These objectionable folks are in our extended social circle, so it’s been really hard to “exit” that relationship. However, I’ve just come to the point where what they say and what they believe is so offensive, I just have to move on and put my attention elsewhere. It’s time. Unfortunately, it only took this “friend” advocating forced sterilization for poor women with multiple children to reach this point. Of course, they didn’t get why I would bring Christianity into the discussion (because they are “Christians”- or so they say) when they bitch about paying into a system with their taxes to help the less fortunate. My response: “If you got the connection, you wouldn’t be so fucking heartless.”

And that was that.


3 thoughts on “New Rules: Taking a page from Bill Maher’s book

  1. I know I’m really hard on Christians sometimes and I should do a better job distinguishing the crazy from the truly faithful. I know they’re out there (an good example would be you, Vanessa). But these two epitomize everything that’s wrong with the far Right. It’s absolutely infuriating.

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