Add one more item to the “craziest things that have happened to me” list

I was sitting in a local Starbucks this morning, ear phones in, typing an email to my advisor, when a woman walked up to me and asked if the silver Mazda 3 was mine out in the parking lot. I’m thinking there might be other Mazda 3 drivers in the store, but sure enough it was mine. And she had come in to tell me she had just backed her behemoth Suburban into my poor little car that has been so very good to us the past three and a half years.

The good news is, she called her insurance company on the spot and they’re taking care of it completely. I am so grateful that she was honest and forthright. I take the Mazda in tomorrow morning first thing to get it looked over and fixed and I get a rental at the same time. Of course, it took around thirty minutes before it sunk in that this was happening- again– and I started to stress about traveling to OKC for research and all the contingent problems (the personal injury claim hasn’t even been settled from the June wreck, for crying out loud!). Seriously, someone’s going to think I’m running a scam whereby I attract negative automobile vibes or something, and I’m beginning to get superstitious that I should hole up in the apartment til the baby comes or something or risk great physical harm. No, really- I am getting superstitious. I fly to Iowa in two and a half weeks and I hate flying as it is. This does not help.

Let’s get the tally going of all the crazy shit that’s happened this summer. In no particular order:

1. Wreck #1.

2. Haggling with Amica over wreck #1. And we’re still haggling with them over the personal injury part, for which the bills have begun to roll in.

3. Mysterious blood pressure spike. Will it be followed by any more? Only September and October will tell.

4. This morning’s car thingy. WTF?

And, the grandpappy of them all:

5. Finding out, on Facebook of all places, that my father has remarried. Bear in mind, I did not find this out from him directly, but only after his new wife friended me on FB. And of course, he has not mentioned it to my Mom. Nope- he left that for me to do. Lovely. Add in the history of his relationship over the past 20 years or so with his new wife and that adds a whole other dimension to this little plot twist in what is probably the most sordid aspect of my life. I can only imagine she’ll find out soon enough what she’s in for. Poor woman.

So far though, it’s all superficial and nothing we can’t handle. I hope it stays that way.


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