Accomplishing their goal, stifling democracy

I really want to go to a town hall meeting with a member of Congress this month. Not to be raucous, but to serve as a counterweight to the astroturf crowd.

I write this as a I feel Zuzu move. Because I am pregnant and as a result, much more cautious and maybe even paranoid, I’ve decided I won’t try and make it this weekend. I am literally scared out of my mind at the freakazoid health care opponents out there. What’s worse, is I recognize that this is their goal (or better put, the goal of the corporate interests funding and fueling these outbursts): to stifle democracy by silencing any discussion at these town halls. I know that I can engage in some heated discussion; after a certain point, when it just reaches pure stupidity on, I’ll just quit dealing in facts and dole out the sarcasm. But what’s been going on lately at the town hall meetings: threats, shout-downs, violence…I just feel like it’s too much a risk to myself and to Zuzu to engage in public. These people who have no clue what a freaking fact is in the first place and will believe crap like euthanizing old people would have no problem engaging me- and I know I wouldn’t be able to be silent.

So I’m sitting this one out. I’m staying put. It will not be easy though.


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