A couple sitting in bed, 2009

Perhaps this is a scene I’ve made up in my mind, but I seem to remember numerous movies or sitcoms or whatever where you see the shot of the Mom and Dad or the married couple, sitting in bed at night, reading newspapers or something. I’m sitting in bed right now and my intention was to get my to-do list for the next couple weeks together and email my advisor ahead of my trip to Iowa week after next. As is typical of my ADD mentality, I turned on iTunes and played the list I’m putting together for Zuzu’s lullabies-I totally need to get that John Lennon on there that I’ve been meaning to get to for weeks now- and a particularly euphoric moment from Kings of Convenience prompted me to want to blog about her lullabies first….

Then, I realized Eric is sitting next to me with his laptop, too; we both have our head phones on; he’s watching Idiocracy and I’m doing my thang. This is what we typically do throughout the day, in our own worlds on our individual laptops. Sometimes it pisses me off, but then I thought just now, this is like the 2009 version of the couple I imagine from the movies (perhaps a scene from When Harry Met Sally?). Instead of the newspaper, it’s our laptops.

How times change. And, FYI: Maxwell’s new CD is amazing, and the track “Pretty Wings,” what I’m listening to right now, is on Zuzu’s play list. Beautiful, beautiful song.


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