News from the Zuzu front

I now have OB check-ups every two weeks as I hit the third trimester. Glucose test was fine, need to get my thyroid levels to my endocrinologist because I feel more tired than I feel like I should right now…although that could be explained by the fact that I’m measuring big. This is funny to me, because I feel huge for only 27 weeks. I certainly did not need her to measure me to find this out. The doc said there was nothing to worry about til later (???), but I somehow missed in our conversation her saying we were scheduling another sonogram for my next appointment. When I was checking out, the scheduler tells me, “Sonogram at 2:30, OB at 3.” I totally missed that part. No surprises there, though: the doc kinda whirls through our appointments, and I’m particularly flighty these days.

Oh- and, I noticed the linea negra today when I got out of the shower. We’ll see if my belly button gets as dark as it did last time. AND, assuming I go to my due date, my c-section has been scheduled for 7:30 am, November 9. Should I take bets on whether or not Zuzu will stay put that long???


2 thoughts on “News from the Zuzu front

  1. I had a pretty distinct line with Katie, but it was my belly button that was really dark (I mean, really dark. My OB said only women of color usually had such dark linea negra and belly buttons). I thought at first it might never go away until I realized I had to shed that skin, so I started scrubbing it and it eventually all came off. Kinda weird, I know.

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