No fear of flying: A random jumble of thoughts on an airplane

That’s not true at all. I hate flying. I think I can still count the number of times I’ve flown on both hands so it makes me supremely nervous. There is one moment on a plane that I think is so badass, though: when we’re on the runway, inching along, we stop, we’ve been cleared for take-off, the plane hurtles off, and the wheels leave the ground. The panels of the wings are maneuvering- it’s that moment I realize how damn cool it is that humans can fly and it’s one of those simple events in my life that are just so amazing. For some reason this morning as the plane was taking off, it reminded me of traveling with the Pride in college. It was just so cool to be in a caravan (of band geeks, albeit) of eight charter buses and a police escort through town like we were 100 U2’s or something.

Did I mention I’m writing this on the plane? They gave us free passes to use the wifi here on the plane. Kinda cool. Hope it doesn’t override the navigation systems. Ha!


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