In Zuzu news…

We went in for my routine OB check-up and not-so-routine sonogram this afternoon. The sonogram was a result of measuring big last time and I’ve been on a slow burn the past two weeks fretting over something being wrong with Zuzu. My worry has only been compounded by what seemed like increasingly less fetal movement. Long story short: she’s perfect, barely measuring big, nothing to worry about…but it’s a good thing I’ve got ten to 11 weeks before she’s due. She’s completely breech right now and her back is outward (although this doesn’t even matter since I’m having a c-section). She had her eyes covered by an arm the whole time and her legs were perfectly crossed right above my cervix. It all explains why I haven’t felt her as much. My OB is also refreshing on fetal kick counts; she says they stress moms out (Yes! They do!) and said I don’t need to worry about them. As long as I notice throughout the day that she’s moving, everything should be okay.

I really can’t tell you what a relief this all is. I reverted back to Katie-pregnancy the past weeks and I’m glad to be able to relax again knowing Zuzu is still, as she always has been, perfectly fine.

3 thoughts on “In Zuzu news…

  1. What great news!

    I had the same stresses about lack of fetal movement. I ended up having weekly non-stress tests the last 6-ish weeks because he just wasn’t moving much.

    I hope ZuZu turns around and starts kickin’ the crap out of you!

  2. It is a huge relief. It’s also good to know that other moms experience the same thing. I don’t find much information out there about this sort of stuff- maybe you know better web sites with more info. I think I rely on What to Expect too much, maybe. And yeah- I hope she turns and starts kicking like crazy, too 🙂

    • i couldn’t find much info either. i just mentioned to my ob that i was worried he wasn’t moving enough (i think that appt was at noon and i hadn’t felt him move all morning) so she told me i could do the weekly NST just to give me some peace of mind. i feel like i never really enjoyed that pregnancy though, b/c i was always worried about something.

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