The perils of home hairdressing

We took matters into our own hands today, attempting to trim Katie’s bangs. She’s close to having to peer up from underneath them again…and let’s just say that we’ve learned to leave these things to the professionals. I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard after we had cut her bangs and realized just how short they were. We’ll see if her hair is still laying down in the morning. Eric won’t let me post the pictures of Katie, but I took a shot of the actual bangs we cut and we took off a good inch.

Then, of course, afterwards she wanted to keep cutting, so we handed her some paper. She’s surprisingly dextrous with a pair of scissors, although we looked away for a mere two seconds and she had strayed from the paper and attempted to start cutting her own hair…

Yes, “I’ll do it!” is a common phrase around here. Now we know to make sure it doesn’t apply to her cutting her own hair.


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