Trying to get in the mood

To write, that is.

I have been wiped out lately. Even with a nap, the first few hours after I wake up are awful. It’s like low blood sugar meets no sleep. Turns out, too, that my thyroid levels had dropped and I was singing the Hallelujah chorus on Friday when I found out they were upping my synthroid dosage…but it still hasn’t kicked in and I desperately wish it would. I’m 32 weeks, but more tired than I think I should be. So, right now, I’m drinking a cup of tea- coffee would be a catastrophic combination with as little as I’ve eaten today (by accident)- and hoping a blog post will get me revved up to work on my dissertation chapter that I plan to send in with a job application at the end of the month.

…not sure it’s working…

Okay- a few more updates:

1. Didn’t make it to Austin yesterday for the health care rally I helped plan. Considering it would have been 9 hours on the road in one day and only a dozen or so folks showed, I’m glad I stayed home.

2. Thought I could wrap up my fieldwork last week, but I was- you guessed it- tired and Katie got sick so I moved stuff to this week to go home a little early and plan on taking my two last trips this week and next.

3. I’ve made an executive decision re: cloth diapers. We’re doing it. Now I just have to strategize what I want to invest in to get the most bang for our buck. Of course, it’s funny that disposable diapers, which are, you know, disposable, are never thought of in those terms and I’m a little annoyed that I have to justify them as such to my husband. I’m truly tired of buying diapers, I never want to have to buy formula this time (barring allergies or whatever) and while my choice to exclusively breastfeed this time is both emotional and practical, cloth diapers are not a political decision for me (surprising, huh?). I simply do not want to keep purchasing diapers for years to come. I’m tired of it, especially since the cheaps one lead to diaper rash and the good disposables are stupidly expensive.

Here’s my game plane for cloth diapers:

First, I bought a “try it” package from Cotton Babies to try out on Katie in the evenings and weekends. I’m going to buy maybe two bumgeniuses for bedtime and we should not only be set for Katie’s diapering needs while she’s at home, but also have some for Zuzu to grow into. We’ll keep buying disposables for Katie at day care, but at home, it’ll be cloth. It just didn’t make any sense to me to have one kid in cloth and one in disposables.

Zuzu is where I’m stumped. Bumgeniuses are really expensive and I’ve heard they’re bulky on newborns. Assuming Zuzu is like Katie- big at birth but quickly falling to the 25th percentile in size- I’m not sure the investment is worth it to go all in on  bumgeniuses (which are one-size diapers). I’ve heard Kissaluvs are great in terms of containing leakage and great for smaller babies- but they’re expensive, too. So, I’m not sure if I should just invest in the diaper covers (I’m leaning towards the Thirsties that come in two sizes) and pre-folds (that I’d only have to buy twice) or get a little fancier than that.

4. We’re still haggling with insurance companies over the personal injury settlement and the remainder of the hospital bill from the day of the wreck has gone to collection. ANNOYING. So, I need to get on the horn and talk to some people today.


2 thoughts on “Trying to get in the mood

  1. a few things about CD…

    brock was 8 lb 3 oz and it was my experience that EVERYTHING was bulky on him. newborns are just so tiny. and nothing fits as trim and slim as a disposable does. if i had it to do over again i would use disposables for the first 3-4 weeks (meconium, sleep deprivation, adjusting to having 2 kids, etc) and then switch to CD. yes, you’d have to spend money on sposies, but i honestly don’t think investing in the smallest CDs that they outgrow in a few weeks is worth the money. just my 2 cents.

    also…i LOVE my thirsties covers. i’ve bought several brands and the thirsties are the only ones i use. they just fit really well, are trim, and contain messes.

    • I was hoping you’d weigh in. I really need to take notes because I forget everything these days- but definitely, your advice is noted and might just get me past my indecision. Thanks!

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