A few of the latest Katie-isms

I’m slowly switching gears from dissertation to baby and home (and I’m so ready for it…). I realized I hadn’t written about Katie in awhile and lord knows, she’s doing some hilarious stuff:

Tonight, at dinner, she wasn’t eating. Eric asked if he could help her take three bites. She obliged, but spit out the first bite after goofing around with it in her mouth. We knew we probably shouldn’t have laughed, but we just couldn’t help ourselves when she said, “I don’t like it.” Can’t blame her for her honesty. It was up there with the first time she ate green beans.

One of the cloth diaper covers has flowers all over it. She’ll request her “flower diaper” (and the cloth diapering is still going good). But, they sit her on the toilet at her school and her teachers said we could start bringing panties because she does so well through the day. We’ll go through the stockpile of pull-ups I got first. She asks for her “pool ups,” too. She doesn’t much like her pampers these days.

Probably her cutest mannerism right now, though, is this: We’ll ask her if she wants something- anything. If she wants to watch something, if she wants something to eat, seriously, anything. She’ll say, “I want,” pause, look to the side and say, “Mmmm, I want to watch Mickey Mouse” for example. She always interjects the thoughtful, “Hmmm…” before deciding, like she has to think about what we’re asking her. We’ll ask her what color something is, or what kind of animal something is, the noise it makes, etc., and she does the think, look to the side, and “Mmmm,” before answering.

Finally, Eric and I are at odds at our post-bath time routine. She usually gets wrapped in a towel to make a “baby burrito” and then she and I snuggle while she’s a “baby burrito.” She’ll ask to see me after the bath, but for a while there, getting her dressed (morning or night) was a fiasco. I guess Eric got fed up with the whole process of it, but she can get really upset if she doesn’t get to see Mommy as a baby burrito. Eric tried one night to get her dressed immediately after the bath, she got upset, I tried to go back to our regular routine where we let her air dry…but Eric insisted that we start getting her dressed immediately.

Well, that didn’t quite work out tonight. There was some serious hijinks tonight, involving a naked two year-old running around the apartment to escape diapering. Eric wasn’t having it and had to scoop her up…but I got a kick out of it. She even got me to sit on the floor.

Anyways, good times.


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