More thoughts on Vanessa and her family

Vanessa’s sweet little boy has leukemia and they’re in the process of figuring out what kind. But I had some thoughts and wanted to get them down:

I have no desire to go to a church, per se, but of course, this makes me think of my relationship with God and I’ve come to this conclusion: I’ve never questioned God because too much good has come in my life. I’m so blessed and I really don’t trust any church to tell me what to do with that.

I think what Vanessa is going through is a total nightmare, but I know she doesn’t need help grappling with this because of her faith in God. So, she has my thoughts and yes, even my prayers (which are more like internal dialogues), and I think of the things I would want right now if I were in her shoes: a good cup of coffee, lots and lots of snuggles with my children and my husband, a good pillow, and some quiet to think while rocking my sweet baby. Whatever she needs surrounding her to keep her peace of mind so she can stay strong for her family, I hope she has it. The rest is out of our hands.


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