Our president and the Nobel Peace Prize: What does it mean?

For some, apparently, it means the apocalypse is near. Seriously- I’ve seen that crap all over facebook today. Give me a break, people. For others, it’s yet another reason to grouse about the President. And while it is shocking- I thought the email from Huffington Post was a parody or something- the man won the Nobel. Okay. Congratulations.

Here’s the thing, though, as I see it. The Nobel committee awarded Obama the award not because of his prior accomplishments, per se, but of what his approach to politics has already meant to the world. I think this is exactly the point critics are missing: he is such a departure from the previous administration, and American foreign policy is that important to the prospects of the rest of the world, that what he has already done and what this portends for his future relationships with the world means that much. I mean, I think Americans know that America is important, but I don’t think they really know just how much what our country does impacts the rest of the world.

I’m thinking here of the paper in the UK that printed a full front page in all black after Bush was re-elected; his presidency was that dire to the rest of the world. Bush really screwed things up for us that much. No, we are not an island, America. We have our fingers in SO much around the world, it really matters what happens here. Although President Obama is not nearly as liberal as some of us would like and he has maintained many of the prior administration’s policies that were quite objectionable, he has accomplished a number of things since January (more than SNL would have us believe, anyways).

When I’m not as tired, I’m pepper some links throughout this post to verify what I’m writing. Until then, it’s time to cook dinner. But man, I just wish people would lay off the president for a while. Geez.


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