Week 37 update

At this morning’s OB appointment, the non-stress test went just fine, but my blood pressure was still too high and the sonogram was, shall we say, revealing. Long story short: the baby’s oblique breech, my blood pressure’s just getting higher, and my amniotic fluid is low. Before the sonogram, my OB came in and said she was moving my c-section to next Monday. After the sonogram, when she saw that my fluid was low, she said we’re having an appointment on Thursday and to bring my bag; we’ll probably deliver on Thursday.

What this means is: Zuzu will be here Thursday or Monday. If only we were all so lucky to know the exact date our babies would be born. As I write, Katie is “helping” Papa assemble the bassinet while the grilled chicken rests, and I’m trying to drink as much as possible to increase my fluids. I organized the dresser in the girls’ room, so Zuzu’s clothes are now next to Katie’s. I ordered plenty of diapers for both kids and laundered the prefolds, so we’re set on diapers. And if I can bust out two more jobs apps and a conference paper by Thursday to submit with those job apps, I’m in good shape. Ha!


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