More on Zuzu

Not that anyone’ clamoring for info…but I’ve been withholding for personal reasons. Having said that, we’re nursing through jaundice right now but she’s wonderful. Zuzu keeps the same hours she seemed to en utero: waking up near midnight, and unless we snuggle with her in bed, she fires a few rounds of warning chirps before warming her way up to an all-out holler to come and get her. The first two nights, she was so hungry and nursed literally ALL NIGHT between the hours of midnight and 4 am- what they call “cluster feedings,” apparently. I finally got wise and sent her to the nursery around 4 and then the three of us slept until 8 am or later.

Amazing how that works because the same thing happened last night, on our first night home, with the exception that Katie joined in the chorus around 3 am or so. Before long, the four of us were snuggled in bed together- Eric snoozing, Katie drinking milk, snuggled between my legs and smiling and peeking back at me nursing Zuzu. After the baby fell asleep again, we snuggled with Katie before putting her back in her crib. I realized that although I haven’t gotten much consecutive sleep since Tuesday, I’ve gotten just as much over the course of the day as I have since, well, April really. Despite the sleep deprivation, the four of us, together, in the middle of the night, was about as sweet as life gets. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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