GEEZ, she’s smart, and Zuzu news

Maybe it’s the normal behavior and development for a two year-old, but Katie is constantly doing things to make us stop and comment on how sharp she is. She can recite the entire alphabet, put the letters in place in her ABC puzzle, and identify each letter. She knows her colors and her shapes. She’s quite sassy, but it’s usually too cute when she bosses us around.

On the Zuzu front, I can put her down in her bassinet or bouncer and she handles it much better than Katie ever did. It’s a relief, especially when I need to give Katie some of my attention. Thankfully her jaundice has “peaked,” as the nurse said…so maybe we can set the alarm for four hour intervals instead of two tonight. She sleeps pretty well, but we also co-sleep in the middle of the night so that we all get more sleep in the end. She’s nursing like a champ- minus the times I have a hard time waking her up. My supply is already hands down much better than it was with Katie and I attribute that to NOT supplementing like we did with Katie (we did for a few days for the jaundice this time, but it definitely made us lazy last time).

We had a bit of a flu scare this morning and it really stressed me out for a bit today. I had to take Zuzu in for a bili and weight check and we realized Katie was overly cranky because she had a fever. After calling me on his cel phone from the bedroom because HE was back there with a fever and aches and pains, Eric’s the one who caught that she might be so fussy because she might be sick, too. I went to the pediatrician’s and had a minor breakdown in front of the nurses, worried that the baby’s jaundice might not be subsiding, but that Eric and my other baby were sick and that Zuzu could get really sick from them as well. It was a little overwhelming to think that I’d somehow have to take care of three sick people when I’m not 100 percent myself- we just left the hospital four days ago and I can’t even lift Katie (although I do). Luckily, Eric’s fever disappeared and you couldn’t tell Katie was sick by lunchtime. Hopefully it stays that way, but for now we have an informal quarantine set up: Katie can’t hold the baby (which makes her very unhappy when she asks), Eric can’t handle Zuzu either, and he’s in charge of Katie and me, the baby.

The funny thing is, the doctor gave Eric a “note” excusing him from work for the next two days. She told him to make sure his wife pampered him… I asked, did you tell her she had a baby a week ago?


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