In the meantime…

I’m waiting for Katie and Eric to get home, so I’ll give some updates:

I started using the cloth diapers on Zuzu yesterday. There are pros and cons. The pros: I like how the poop seems to stick to the diaper and not Zuzu and they’re really absorbent. The cons: They’re really bulky and take a little more coordination than disposables. I think I’m going to give it a few more weeks before I go full-on with the cloth. I wonder if I’m folding them wrong, or if they’re always this bulky.

Zuzu looks like a little adult with all that hair. I think her eyes will stay blue, but she just looks more and more like Katie did at this age if she has a hat on. Otherwise, they look completely different. She’s still really laid back (Eric thinks I’ll jinx it if I keep talking about it). Her protests are so polite, mostly a few snorts and groans. I know she’s waking to nurse when she starts making these noises. When Katie would have been howling, Zuzu just yells out a few times and then quiets down. I put her in her bassinet to take a shower yesterday, and I heard her cry  out once or twice. Really- Katie would NOT have stopped crying until I picked her up.

I feel extraordinarily guilty sending Katie to day care every day. I’m thinking of asking the director if they pro-rate their tuition and only sending her three days a week. I’m also a little bored (already) and could use the excitement. I’m thinking I may start going up to OKC to do some more fieldwork in December, too. I thought I’d wait til the first of the year, but I realized that this is the most sedentary Zuzu will ever be. Although the first six weeks seems hard, we know through the wisdom of parental hindsight and being on baby #2 that this is SO much easier than when she starts staying awake. I think it’s probably smarter to make hay while the sun still shines and get some writing done. The biggest obstacle to that: I usually spend a large part of the morning nursing.


The family’s home-  YAY! gotta go!


3 thoughts on “In the meantime…

  1. CDs are just big and bulky on a newborn. no way around it. when i first started using them i didn’t love them as much as i wanted to. the bigger he got and the more i got used to the bulk, the more i loved them.

    what fold are you using?

  2. Good to know they’re just bulky. It’s kinda cute in a way…but not, at the same time. I’m not sure what kind of fold I’m using, just folding it into a tri-fold the short length. Does that make sense? Any suggestions?

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