Um, about what I said…

you know, that part about sending Katie three days a week? Yeah. Maybe not. She was CRAZY when she got home today. At one point this evening, I was nursing, Katie was sitting next me constantly moving and the television was blaring. Total sensory overload, in addition to trying to get dinner together. There was entirely too much going on- not to mention, Katie INSISTS on doing things herself these days. She gets irate if she thinks we’re doing something for her when she wants to do it herself…although it may take her forever to actually do it. She also gets upset when we tell her to do things, so we have to find creative ways of asking her to avoid her getting pissed. She’s a wonderful kid, but WOW, when it rains, it pours. She had a complete meltdown this evening over putting her pull-up on, which resulted in Eric putting her in time-out, sans any diaper at all…I’m not sure I can handle this yet without flying off the handle.


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