Zuzu’s latest

After her two-week appointment today (yes, she’s actually three weeks old, but anyways…), Zuzu is 8 lbs., 13 oz., and 21.5 inches long. She’s grown! It makes me happy she’s gained so much weight. And, I just have to put this out there- I’ve already caught my family (including myself) using language about her weight gain that makes me worry we’ll have to be careful so she doesn’t develop negative body image as she gets older…we have to watch what we say. It’s good she’s gaining weight!

On another note, Zuzu followed in her sister’s footsteps this morning. They weigh babies naked and, like Katie, this caused problems as I tried to re-diaper Zuzu in the examination room. Zuzu decided to start pooping and peeing as soon as we got back, bringing back memories of Katie’s lava poop the first time the nurse weighed her at her doctor’s appointment. I think we went through three or four diapers this morning, ending up with poop on the floor and all sorts of bodily excrement on the examination table. Not fun- but is projectile pooping ever? And yes, girls can also catch some air when they pee, sans diaper…


2 thoughts on “Zuzu’s latest

  1. Haha I remember when this happened with Astoria..you are the one who told me it was perfectly normal. I’m so glad to know Zuzu is normal too 🙂

  2. That’s funny! I forgot about that, but I remember now. It’s amazing how much I’ve forgotten with Zuzu. Don’t know what it is about pooping at the pediatrician’s office. Thank goodness they’re so laid back about it!

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