Zuzu’s binky lovin’

I should be writing my conference presentation right now (the one I was supposed to write the week Zuzu was born), but instead, I’m watching Zuzu go to town with her binky. It’s quite interesting and I think epitomizes the phrase “Love/hate relationship.” Sometimes she won’t have anything to do with it, but we initially tried to get her to use a binky in the hospital the two nights she cluster fed. We think she might be vomiting from over-eating and sometimes, she will nurse forever. Now that we can get her to take a binky– sometimes- she’ll suck, suck, suck on it, get really agitated, stick her hands in the air or seem to hold on to the binky and seem totally blissed out. Then, she’ll start grunting and fidgeting before passing out. She’ll spit it out, then root for it next to her. I wonder if this is a hint of her personality to come.

Alright. Time to buckle down. Ugh.


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