It’s 4 am and the kids are sick

Zuzu started fidgeting about 4 this morning and I noticed her nose was stuffy- really stuffy. After putting her back in her bouncer, she threw up. To clean her up, I had to get clothes from their room…which woke Katie up…who did not fall back asleep until 7:15 as Eric got up to get in the shower. Meanwhile, I’m laying awake with Zuzu sleeping on my chest. Around 5 am, Katie sits up and starts sneezing right on Zuzu. The third time, out came a big, ol’ string of snot. I just couldn’t help laughing and woke Eric up to grab a wipie for Katie’s nose. Katie just looked at me with her big blue eyes. I kissed her on the forehead and snuggled her in the crook of my arm. Later, after she rolled over to Eric’s side of the bed, I noticed she had stuck her Mickey Mouse into the crook of my arm…

Anyways, took Zuzu to the doctor. She’s fine- and weighs over 10 pounds now.


3 thoughts on “It’s 4 am and the kids are sick

  1. Uh man..I hardly hang on with one at those time..can’t imagine two together. Can’t believe Zuzu is over 10lbs already! Astoria’s only 15 1/2 pounds and she’s 8 months!

  2. Andrea: I know! Katie gained weight soooo slowly. She wasn’t even 20 pounds at 1 year. I planned for that with Zuzu…and she’s not at all following my plan.

    Angela: the romance lasted maybe an hour longer. and today, after sleeping upright for two and a half hours with two kids literally on me, I’m a little worn out. When Katie finally woke back up this morning, she asked for her father. I have to admit- that kinda pissed me off when it was me she had been sleeping on!

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