Katie 1, Santa 0

Our efforts to introduce Katie to Christmas have been continually foiled by none other than Katie herself. Our Christmas tree is up…sort of…and, to Katie, the ornaments I bought the girls are better used as bouncing balls than things to stay hung on a tree. She keeps trying to take the paper and red bead garland off. The home-made Christmas cookies took a distant second place to the store-bought icing and sprinkles (can’t blame her on that one…icing rocks!), and she shows no interest in any of the vintage Christmas shows- no “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” nothing. This, from a child who loves her morning Mickey Mouse, Dora (and Boots!), and Diego (or, ‘ego, as she calls him, and Baby Jaguar).

Given our failure to fully enchant Katie with the holidays, I jumped on the chance of getting her picture taken with Santa when he “visited” her day care Friday. I dressed her up and anticipated maybe some tears, but couldn’t wait until we got the pre-paid 5×7 back. But, that afternoon, Eric brought Katie home and, as she snuggled with Zuzu and me drinking her milk, he gave me the news: Katie would have nothing to do with Santa that morning. They would refund us the money for the picture.

I’m beginning to think Christmas might be more for the parents than the kids…


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