The Unplanned Christmas

We live in a world where so much is contrived, surrounded by media images photoshopped a hundred ways til Tuesday. Every little thing can planned out and made to be something unnatural.

A couple weeks ago, we decorated our Christmas tree and it was not what I had planned- it was better. Much, much better. Rather than a meticulous apartment and an excited toddler, we were unshowered and cutting and gluing paper to decorate our first family tree (because, despite what Eric says, I’m pretty sure our ornaments didn’t make the trip last year and are somewhere in a landfill in Iowa).

Now, a blizzard outside has changed our Christmas plans. We won’t make it to Edmond to see Eric’s extended family and Eric and his dad spent about five hours to get Mom from OKC. Her heater was broken and there was no way we could make it up there to spend the evening with her. We’re all here in Norman, warm, safe, sound, and cooking the remainder of our holiday treats, and it’s about as meaningful and beautiful a Christmas I’ve ever had. So, the lesson learned from this all: beauty and meaning are found in the improvised, organic moments. You can’t make this stuff up. Who would want to?


3 thoughts on “The Unplanned Christmas

  1. After the bummer sunk in that we weren’t spending Christmas Eve at my sister’s house with our family (as usual), Mom & I lounged around the house in our pj’s making food, wrapping gifts, and having a tamale dinner with my aunt. My family may have a postponed Christmas due to weather, but doesn’t that just make it more apparent how meaningful our time together is? And how grateful we are for a warm house & a lot of love? Wouldn’t change it!

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