Along the lines of my last post…

So I get really oppositional here in Dallas. Women driving Lexuses (Lexi?) and wearing bling to Wal-Mart makes me love my birkenstocks even more. Can I just say, though, because this is what women do here in Oklahoma/Texas, that I DO NOT want to be the woman plastering on make-up, wearing fake eye lashes and rhinestones to any and every occasion? When I wear makeup, which is rare these days, I may wear more than I used to. But, generally, I don’t wear any…I didn’t like contacts so I wear my glasses, and I’ve had too many necessary surgeries to “elect” for Lasik…and like the folks who can’t seem to step out of the high school orbit, I just don’t want to act like a 20 year-old sorority girl (especially when I was never in a sorority to begin with) through my forties.

But, that’s the culture down here. And, I’ll just have to keep being the girl that the other girls want to “dress up” or whose womanhood is questioned because I balk at primping and preening and brushing each other’s hair when I’d rather sit and have a good conversation. Yes, two different people have actually told me they felt that way about me at some point…


6 thoughts on “Along the lines of my last post…

  1. wow. i thought it was just me… new york is full of a lot of intellectuals, to be sure, but the fashion industry is fulllll of girls (and boys) still stuck in a junior high carousel of fake, annoying b.s…. ugh……….

  2. Ha! It really struck me when we moved to Iowa how different the women dressed there. It was like they have kids and then cut all their hair off…which is exactly what I did. But anyways- that’s entirely different down here. It’s like the older women get, the MORE makeup they feel they need to wear. And when I’m around that, I just want to wear less and find my biggest, loosest t-shirt because it completely turns me off. Not that I feel superior or anything, it’s just ridiculous. Is there ever a point we can feel comfortable in our own skin???

    • you know, i feel less comfortable in my own skin the older i get. when i was growing up, i never cared about the shape of my nose or my sagging eyelids or my graying hair (not that it was actually graying at the time) or my yellowing teeth or xyz-you-name-it. geez. i was just writing about it today, how i never thought i’d be someone who felt the NEED to dye my hair as i got older… wait… what were talking about again? oh, not all of my aging insecurities? oops. sorry! 😉

  3. No- have you noticed how, at least back home, the women get skinnier as they get older and the men don’t? I’m insecure about my belly after two babies but I just KNOW deep down that those women with flat bellies after having kids are wearing shaping undergarments. Seriously- they can’t be doing crunches! And, I’m not above buying a girdle. Swear to God. I just haven’t found one yet. But what was I saying about wearing birkenstocks and XXL t-shirts again around women decked out in rhinestones????

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