Potty training chronicles, Episode One

Our girl is holding out on us.

Last week, I realized Katie needed some extra clothes at school when she was sent home in wet pants after sitting in a dewy chair on the playground. I handed the bag of clothing to the school director who asked if there were panties in the bag. I said no, and that I had been meaning to talk to her about potty training.

Katie will wake up with a dry diaper, a sign it’s time to start potty training, and will tell us when she’s poopy. The director and I agreed we’d start working on it, so the next day, I sent Katie to school with even more clothes, panties (which Katie, thankfully, calls “underwears”), socks and extra shoes. When I went to pick her up, she’d only gone through one more pair of pants…and had been wearing panties all day.

Friday, day two, same thing. Except, she came home in exactly the same clothing and underpants that she went to school in.

Great, right? No. Because at home, we go through probably three pairs of pants in an hour. I’ve even bribed her with chocolate (it worked! Sort of…). We quickly realized our task at home is to first get her to agree to even sit on the potty. Either that, or we can potty train Zuzu because Katie would be all about the potty if Zuzu used it.

I don’t know. Maybe we just need to rent out a herd of toddlers to have at home so Katie feels the group mentality that gets her to use the toilet at school. We’re serious about it this time and in it to win it. Unfortunately, the Katie at school (quiet, doesn’t like to get dirty, even cleans her plate at lunch) is not the Katie at home (talkative, loud, and plays with her food).



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