Potty training chronicles, Episode three

Something’s not quite right here. For a few days, Katie has been saying it hurts when she’s on the potty going pee. I had to take her in to the doctor to follow up on her ear infections anyway, and I worried Thursday night she had a urinary infection. The labs from the urine analysis came back negative for bacteria, but for over an hour around lunch time today, she was in hysterics she was crying from pain. It had all the hallmarks of a UTI: pain when she peed, and feeling like she constantly had to pee. She’s even got a low fever today. What worries me most is she says her lower back hurts, too, so I’m concerned about her kidneys. Complicating all of it is, she’s back on antibiotics because her ear infection still hasn’t cleared up. They can’t do a culture while she’s on antibiotics…

I don’t want to be that mom, but Eric read online that lots of kids have serious potty anxiety when potty training. I’m pretty concerned she’s getting negative reinforcement at school- she’s an incredibly sharp kid, doesn’t miss a thing, so I worry she sees other kids get chastised or gets chastised herself, and that may be increasing her anxiety. I don’t question her discomfort one bit- I think she may be holding it in, which led to irritation or an infection.

This, and a number of other things (saving money, Zuzu’s much more alert during the day), has made me question the need for day care. Katie’s teacher changed jobs, and I’m not sure about her new teacher. I overheard her reaction to a kid who didn’t flush the toilet…and it worries me. Zuzu requires more attention during the day, which rules out getting too much work done. So, February will probably be the last month Katie’s in day care until I get a job. Right now, though, we’ve got to get our kiddo healthy.


2 thoughts on “Potty training chronicles, Episode three

  1. Most of the time my UTIs don’t show up on those damned tests, but as soon as I take an antibiotic the symptoms go away. I found one study in the London Journal of Medicine that looked at how women with symptoms of UTI who test negative respond to antibiotics. Answer: the overwhelming majority. Those tests are not acurate, yet I have this battle every time I go to the doctor with symptoms. There’s something so clearly wrong with the test, but in my experience doctors trust it like its the bible. All of this is to say that Katie probably had a UTI, and doctors show a shocking lack of self-reflection and critical thinking abilities. I have come to hate doctors.

  2. yikes! potty training can be such a trial, especially when you’re stuck dealing with two different worlds, home and school. i’m so glad you’re so in-tune with her, she’s a lucky kid 🙂 i would do whatever you can to avoid potty anxiety though, it has had some lasting negative effects on the kids that i take care of. and, speaking as a ‘teacher,’ it is really hard to be completely patient with a group of children all learning to go on the potty. there is definitely tension, and even if it’s not spoken certain kids really sense it. best of luck to all of you! take a deep breath, in a year or so it will all seem like no big deal…. then we get to potty train the next one!

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