PTC, Episode 4

I was supposed to take the girls up to OKC last night because my best friend is in town from California. We didn’t go because Katie was feeling so awful. But, before bed time, I told Eric that one symptom of a UTI is peeing at night. As we are trying to parse whether or not this is anxiety or an infection, I thought we might be able to get a better idea of what’s going on with her if she woke up at night in pain. Katie slept through the night- even slept in a little bit- and only complained of pain while I was putting her down for a nap she never took. Even then, it was minor. No sitting on the potty today. She’s been fine. (I’ve even realized that Katie “plays” us when Eric’s around…that’s another post) In the meantime, another red flag came up about her day care today. More on that later.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow when she goes back to school. If it’s an infection, I hope it doesn’t flare up because we are driving to OKC tomorrow for sure. God knows UTIs are murderously uncomfortable and I’d hate for her to be sick away from her own home. At this point, though, we’re leaning towards potty anxiety. If anyone has any suggestions on how to avoid the potty anxiety, anything we can do or look out for to kinda head it off at the pass, we’re grateful.


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