Ear infections, continued…still

I had to take Katie to the doctor for her ear infection follow-up…and they’re still not healthy.

Last time, our ped said they send us to the ear-nose-throat doctor if she wasn’t healed up this time, because these days ENTs think adenoids contribute to constant ear infections and she may have them removed…or something like that. This time, because her ears are almost healed, she decided on a slightly different course of treatment. Unfortunately for Katie, who was actually opening up to her doctor and playing at the office, she had to get this nasty, nasty shot of Rocephin, a powerful antibiotic they give to kids with pneumonia. The shot was divided into two (one for each poor little leg) and we have to go back tomorrow for the next round.

It was awful. They put lidocaine in the shot to help ease it. Vaccinations can be rough, but this was bad. I nearly cried with her, she was so uncomfortable. The ped and the nurses all said it would be pretty painful and they weren’t kidding. I kept her home the rest of day and she cheered up after some Chik-fil-a, but I called Eric to ask if he could come home and watch Zuzu while we get the shot tomorrow.

Anyways, we go back AGAIN on Monday to look at her ears (and Friday for Zuzu’s four month well baby) and then, if her ears still aren’t healed, we go to the ENT. I hope they clear up. It may be my imagination, but it seems her runny nose has cleared up. Maybe it’s working.

On another front, I still haven’t heard back from the endocrinologist with the official results. I talked to the girls’ pediatrician about that whole experience and she recommended another endo, who happens to be one my OB recommended. I’ll have to check her out, because she has kids as patients, too.


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