On the Zuzu front

Zuzu’s life in a nutshell: the other day, realizing how little tummy time Zuzu gets because of the reflux, we set her on her tummy on her playmat. Pretty soon after, she began to list to the side- she was rolling over! This is a major baby milestone. However, as we gushed over her, Katie decided to get upset about something and ended up in time out. Meanwhile, Zuzu sat on her playmat, still listing on her side while her big sister screamed from her crib and Eric (tried to) talk some sense into Katie.

She’ll lay on her back on her playmat with her feet in the air, playing the jingle bells. It’s super cute. When she sits in her bouncer, there’s a toy bar with a lion, monkey, and hippo. She can sit there for hours, “talking”- loudly, I might add- to them. And she’s starting to laugh- she’ll make loud gasps and little giggles every now and then. When Katie still wakes up crying most mornings, Zuzu gives us smiles.


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