Cutting through the sucralose of Valentine’s Day

Last weekend, we celebrated the results of my uptake scan with some of my very dearest friends. After they left, Eric left for another bottle of wine (big mistake!) and he and I sat talking while the girls slept.

These are our favorite moments together I think; it wasn’t the first time we have done this, and in the process, stopped to recognize how good we have it. This, in fact, is why I married him: I could talk to him for hours. I could actually have a conversation and anyone who knows me knows that I love good conversation more than anything else.

So it’s one of the worst holidays ever contrived and during my mental meanderings this evening, I thought of John Legend. I have a vivid memory of being up very, very late after arguing with Eric, watching MTV (because it’s only in the middle of the night that they show music anymore) and this video coming on. It made me cry for all the right reasons. Enjoy. (and no, the video is NOT a literal interpretation of our relationship. AT ALL. the music is, however)


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