Zuzu’s latest

With hair almost completely standing on end this morning, Zuzu had her 4 month check-up. Just as I suspected, she’s 14 pounds, 5 oz. She’s also really, really, long- 25 inches. She’s grown half a foot since she was born and almost already doubled her birth weight. Guess I don’t need to worry about my supply this time.

Zuzu’s also started showing some displeasure around strangers. I can’t say she freaks out, because Zuzu just doesn’t freak out. She also may have seen too much of Katie’s doctor’s appointments lately with the shots and everything; when the pediatrician came near her this morning, she started to fuss.

It was during her shots, however, that she most resembled her father (who is a TERRIBLE patient). She was not happy with the shots (who is??), but she just wouldn’t let it go. Katie gets over the shots pretty quickly; Zuzu kept voicing her unhappiness with the situation. Zuzu still has the cutest pout ever…


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