Can it be this easy?

Eric has been working some very long days the past few weeks. At least one day a week he’s at work from 8 am til 11 pm and he works ten hours every other day, in addition to five to six hours in the office during the weekends and at least an hour or two each evening. I thought about it and this is nothing new- he was a band director and I single-parented the whole spring semester after Katie was born.

Two kids changes all that. Two kids and finishing a dissertation makes his long days that much more trying. So while we’re used to the time away from each other (that’s been the last ten years for us), having both girls by myself is only this challenging (for me, at least) because it’s crunch time for me with my dissertation. If I don’t wrap things up mid-March, I don’t finish til fall. Essential to finishing is getting a few hours in each night and Eric has been taking Zuzu so I can work. With him at work until 11 (and a possible overnighter in Houston this week), I decided Zuzu needed a more strict bedtime so I can get some work done at night. Otherwise, she’ll stay up til 10 and I’m wiped out by then.

Thursday night, I wrapped her in the swaddle blanket that she hates and wouldn’t you know it, she went down with no problems. She even slept all night. This hasn’t happened yet because any time she’s fussed there’s been tummy problems from the reflux. But, the past three nights, she falls asleep pronto and stays asleep until 4 am, then falls back asleep until 7 (when she nurses and then throws up on me…but anyways…). I’m wondering if establishing a bed time can really be this easy.


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