In the spirit of Colbert’s Wag of the Finger/Tip of the Hat

Here’s my dissertation Dickhead moment/Moment of awesomeness:

Dickhead moment:

Oklahoma State Representative Randy Terrill, author of the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, aka, the subject of my dissertation, on the fear that spread through the immigrant community as a result of the some of the bill’s measures:

“The law is concerned with reason,” Terrill said. “It is not concerned with irrational fear from people who won’t bother to read the statute and figure out what it means.” Tulsa World, May 14, 2007, “Immigration reform: The fallout: Change has volunteers edgy.”

Dude. Seriously?!?!

Moment of Awesomeness:

At a May, 2007 Tulsa city council meeting where the council approved a measure approving police to conduct immigration status checks during arrests:

“I never want want Tulsa to be known as a sanctuary city,” (City councilman) Christiansen said.

Tulsan Larry Wilson remarked that “this country is under siege by illegal aliens.”

Turning to Hispanics in the audiencce, he asked how many of them are in the country illegally. All raised their hands in a show of solidarity. Tulsa World, “Council approves immigration-status checks,” May 25, 2007.



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