Potty training chronicles, Episode Somethingerother

I was nursing Zuzu Sunday while Eric was at work. Katie suddenly- and I mean suddenly- dashed off to the back of the apartment. It got really, really quiet and I got nervous. I yelled after her to see what she was doing. Nothing. Then, minutes later, I heard, “Mommy! I went potty!” I could get up at that point and saw a triumphant Katie, pants down, standing in the hall.

That happened multiple times today (she’s only at day care three days a week now so I was home alone with both girls). She dashed off, usually telling me that she had to go potty. Excellent! The downfall is, I promised her chocolate one time for pottying. She pottied for real, got a piece of chocolate, then thirty minutes later said she had to potty again. She jumped up, declaring she had peed when she hadn’t, and stole (seriously, stole) a piece of chocolate off the table. It was too late when I caught it and I didn’t feel like fighting her over the peppermint patty at that point.


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