Not the best morning

It’s Tuesday, so I’m home with both girls. It has not been pretty this morning. Katie’s been piling it on thick and it all began with her peeing all over the couch. Shortly after, she got a bottle of baby powder and dumped that all over her bed room (“It’s sugar, Mommy!”). I dumped it into the diaper pail (because I’m taking a break from cloth while I finish my diss)…and she was NOT happy about that. Two hours full of tantrems later, I just told her that we are NOT doing this any more today. Know what? We haven’t.

But then the baby started in while I took a shower. She’s been exceedingly patient lately, but somehow, putting her in her bassinet while I showered and then in her bouncer as I got dressed did not make her very happy. I honestly think she picks up a thing or two from Katie. It should be too early for that, but she DEMANDED I pick her up. Of course, she had been taking a back seat to her sister all morning.

Man, I really wish I knew I could afford monthly hair cuts next year because I would cut all my hair off again in a heart beat and cut out twenty minutes of prep time in the morning.

But, for the record, potty training has been my absolute LEAST favorite thing about parenthood. HATE IT. I hated it last night when Katie did so well after no accidents at all at school, she went pee on the potty multiple times when we got home…and then pooped in her (non-diapered) pants. The couch this morning just about sent me over the edge. My cushions are still airing out. If I didn’t need nap time today to work, we’d go driving around town.

Anyways- diaper change time! yippee!


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