Potty training chronicles, Episode Toinfinityandbeyond

I’ve been setting an alarm for every hour to sit Katie on the potty. I counted it on the two year-old schedule at her day care and they take eight trips to the potty over the course of a day- roughly once every hour. So, that’s my plan today.

I’m discovering, however, there’s a fine line to walk in this exercise- having her sit long enough on the potty so that she does her business (ALL of it) but getting her off the potty quick enough so that she doesn’t, oh, I don’t know, start wiping her mouth with toilet paper wetted in the dog’s water bowl or start playing in the bathroom because I’ve left her alone so she’ll do what she needs to do.I ran back in to the bathroom last night when I heard the toilet mysteriously flush and discovered the beginnings of chaos that only a very smart two year-old can wreak.

Did I mention how potty training is my absolute LEAST favorite parenting thing EVER?


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