Why is it just now clicking that if Katie’s freaking out about something, her freak-out is usually related to being hungry? Duh. Feeding her something has stemmed a couple tantrums the past few days. I’m in disbelief that I’m figuring that out just now.


2 thoughts on “Duh.

  1. i just discovered that about my niece. shoot, it probably applies to me, too. grant should just carry around a baggie of cheerios to shove down my mouth when i start getting grumpy… 😉

  2. The 30 minutes before dinner time around here are a mess. I get so grumpy when I’m hungry and so I just can’t get upset- well, I do, but I shouldn’t- with Katie because I get where she’s coming from. Yes, they should allow cheerio breaks for grown-ups 🙂

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