More sugar

Because my master’s advisor said I should dump my dissertation and just tell stories about life with Katie and Zuzu, a story from today:

Potty training is a total roller coaster. Katie oscillates between no interest at all in the potty (“NO! I don’t WANT to go potty!”) and in the very next moment, doesn’t want to get off of the potty.

So, we were flying without a net, as it were, this afternoon after picking Katie up from day care. I was anxious to get her to go pee because she had drank water at school and I didn’t want that all over the couch (again). She sat on the potty. And wouldn’t get up.

This leads to drama and tears (“Katie, have you gone peepee?” “NO! I don’t want to go peepee!” “Okay, then pull your pants up.” “NO! I want to go peepee!”). I had this very conversation with Katie multiple times in about an hour’s time. After struggling with her to get her to SIT.BACK.DOWN. I’m walking around with Zuzu, changing Zuzu’s blown out diaper and going back and forth from Katie, who is still sitting on the potty.

“Mommy, you’re going to be in trouble.”

“Oh really? What for?”

“Mommy, you’re going to be in trouble.”

“No, you are.”

“No, you are,” Katie responded. And, I don’t know why because I hate it when Eric does this with her, we went back and forth like this until Katie was crying and screaming, although I had just been joking.

I walk to the bathroom, holding Zuzu. I tell Katie to calm down (“NO! I don’t WANT to calm down!”).

“Do you want to wear underwear? Then calm down.”

We’re staring at each other. It’s a battle of wills. And then, enraptured and sitting in my arms, Zuzu lets out a high-pitched giggle.

Totally undermined the moment.


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