Pure sugar

When Katie is rotten, boy is she ever. But when she’s sweet, she’s pure sugar.

There were two things today, and now I’ve forgotten one of them. But tonight, she and I were snuggling and rocking on the glider before her bed time. Katie was covered in her weebwie (her blanket). Eric was holding Zuzu, who was fussing and eyeing Katie and me. I asked Katie if Zuzu could come snuggle with us, and she shook her head yes. Then, she lifted the edge of her weebwie and said, “Here, Zuzu,” asking her little sister over to snuggle.

Oh! The second thing: Katie’s last day at day care is Friday, but they’ve hired another teacher for the two year-olds. This teacher is taking the older two’s and last week, Katie’s teacher told me that Katie would be moving to the new teacher’s class. I told her it was her last week, so her teacher said than they would just keep Katie in the same class with her current teacher. Today I noticed that they had split the classes off from one another when I picked Katie up. Tonight, though, Katie was going back and forth about something like she always does while we were giving her bites of our dinner. All of a sudden she said, “I’m not a baby. I don’t want to be in the baby’s class.” It took a second before I realized she was talking about her class- she wanted to be with the older two’s, not the “babies,” but she’s with them the rest of the week before being home full-time.


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