Writing this with one hand covered in Zuzu’s drool (she WON’T go to sleep this afternoon), and I’ve been chewing on all the shit out there against health care reform but decided it’s a distraction right now. It’ll have to wait. In the meantime:

Katie giving some attention to her sister (it’s rare these days).

Starting to sit unassisted (sorta):

Finally, for someone who fretted that they don’t keep a clean house. Witness the mess that is our natural state of living:


3 thoughts on “Timewaster

  1. oh, you make me feel so much better! (also – i love that zuzu is dangling from your arms while you take the picture) šŸ™‚

  2. For a woman at home with 2 very small children, who is writing her dissertation, keeping a happy marriage, and still has time to keep up a very intellectual stimulating blog, I’d say your mess is entirely justifiable, if not cleaner than expected. Jeez, you’re freaking Wonder Woman over there!

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